Sunday, April 15, 2012

Exploring Ireland - First Weekend

Hello all!

Lots to update. Spent my first weekend here and it was great. It was filled with memories and great pictures. Check out my Facebook for all the photos! I'll put a few on here, as you can see below.

Anyways, on Thursday Jessie and I traveled into Dublin City. It was great! It's about a 40 minute train ride from our home, but a very easy commute. There was so much history surrounding us in the city. Many breathtaking buildings such as Trinity College and the Bank of Ireland.

There were also many many shops but everything was somewhat expensive. The city itself was really cool. There were street performers everywhere. Something interesting I saw all around the streets were people dressed as statues. Such as in the photo below. They were frozen and then if you gave them any money at all they would move around and you could take your picture with them. There were also live bands playing up and down the streets.

Jessie and I had a really fun day just hanging out in the city. In the evening we visited a few of the local pubs in the city which were fun and upbeat. There were local bands at all of them.

On Friday Jessie and I explored the surrounding "mountains" as the town calls them, that surround our neighborhood. We didn't get to climb any of the mountains but we hope to do that soon! This was the view from part of our walk.
Friday night we went to a local bar in our town square. Ireland has their own "The Voice of Ireland". One of the singers from the show was actually at the bar! It was cool seeing a "local" celebrity.

On Saturday Jessie and I didn't do much during the day. I've been reading the Hunger Games (which was very good!) and I spent all afternoon finishing that. At night, Jessie and I went to a local nightclub. It was actually surprising how much American music they played. At most of the pubs, American music is actually the majority of the music played. But, it was fun to see how the Irish dance and what type of music they like.

Today, (Sunday) was a great day! Jessie and I went to a local fishing town called Howth. It was an hour ride on the Luas but well worth it! As you can see from the photos below, the views from various spots in the town were breathtaking!

Tomorrow I start my first day at St. Aidan's! I will write in detail about the school when I learn all about it tomorrow. I am very excited!!

Hope you enjoyed this!


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